Macron effigy burnt in Bangladesh’s Narail village in protest of display of caricatures of the Prophet in France


M A Mannan:
A statue of French President Emmanuel Macro was cremated in the village of Narail in Bangladesh in protest of the state-sponsored display of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The program was held after the Friday prayers on Friday, November 8, 2020 at Alisha Bazar, Narail Union No. 8, Haluaghat Upazila, Mymensingh District. Earlier, a protest procession was held. Narail Union No. 8 is organized by Ulama Oikya Parishad and Tauhidi Janata. The procession started from Kharma Bazar and went through Alisha Bazar to the border of Rahela village and from there it ended at Vegetable Mahal of Alisha Bazar. After that a short assembly and prayers were held there. Speaking at the assembly, President of Narail Ulama Unity Parishad and Principal of Phulpur Darul Ihsan Qasimia Excellent Madrasah Maulana Abdul Mannan, General Secretary Salehatul Jannat Women’s Madrasah Muhtamim Maulana Abdul Munaim, Khadimul Uloom Madrasah Muhtamim Maulana Mufti Saim Khan, Ustad Hafez Aminul Islam of the same Madrasah, Atuajangal Tufania Madrasa Muhtamim Hafez Ruhul Amin, Imam of Nayapara Munsibari Jame Mosque Maulana Abdul Mannan, President of Alisha Bazar Business Association Billal Hossain, Kismat Narail resident young social worker Anwar Hossain Manik, Imam of Nishchintapur Chairman Bari Mosque Maulana Musharraf Hussain, Imam of Bataghata Jame Masjid Maulana Abdur Rouf, Muhtamim of Sufia Khatun Qaumi Madrasah Maulana Bakhtiyar, Nazime Talimat Hafez Maulana Suhail Ahmad, Hafez Maulana Muktadir Hasan of Majhiail Madrasah, Imam of Nishchintapur Old Mosque Maulana Yasin Arafat, Imam of Chupinagar Mosque Hafez Mujibur Rahman and others. The speakers said that France has set fire to our hearts by showing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (sm). France must extinguish that fire. Besides, the Prime Minister of Bangladesh should condemn the misdeeds of France and enact laws to prevent such satire on our Prophet in Bangladesh. And all French products, including diplomatic relations with France, must be boycotted by the state. Insulting the Prophet in the procession will not be accepted. Insult to the Prophet, will not be tolerated. I will not buy or sell French products. The enemies of Islam chanted slogans such as “Be careful, beware”.

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