In Haluaghat, only the roof of the mosque was blown away by the storm, the rest was OK


M A Mannan:
The roof of the mosque was blown away by the storm at Haluaghat in Mymensingh but everything else is fine and ok. At that time, under the leadership of Tayeb Ali Munshi, two worshipers named Main Uddin and Nur Islam were present in the mosque as eyewitnesses. Everything was in order, including the verandah of the mosque, the imam’s room on the north side of the verandah, the water tank, the long ajukhana on the south side adjacent to the mosque, and the plants planted with roof in the mosque. There was no loud noise before the mosque was blown up. The miracle took place during Fajr prayers at Kismat Narail Kandapara Jame Mosque in Haluaghat upazila of Mymensingh on Monday. The mosque was established about 20 years ago. In the financial year 2014-15, a deep tube well was installed and repaired with the funding of the district council. The young Imam Hafez Belal was sleeping in his room at that time. The worshipers did not call him and started praying on their own. The Fajr prayers ended at 5 am under the leadership of Tayeb Ali Munshi, the worshiper of the house east of the mosque. Main Uddin and Nur Islam were present as worshipers. After the prayers, Tayeb Ali Munshi returned to the worshipers and started reciting Tasbeeh only. Then suddenly the tins made a little rattling sound. They didn’t even have time to finish the tasbeehat about the prayers. In the meanwhile, before he understood anything, a pier of the house fell into the right hand of Tayeb Ali Munshi. When he tried to get out, another worshiper named Main Uddin got a pain in his right hand when he knocked on the door. However, Musalli Nur Islam did not get any pain. Tayeb Ali Munshi said, “I started the prayers after reciting the Sunnah without calling Imam Saheb.” I did not get a chance to recite tasbeeh after the salutation. In the meanwhile the roof of the house started tingling. It didn’t take a minute. I see everything is dark. Later we could not find the door to leave the mosque. Musalli Main Uddin said, it can not be explained, what happened! Everything is fine, only the roof in the house has been removed. I got pain in my right hand when I knocked on the door. I came out and saw that there was no roof in the mosque. Later people came running to our call. The incident spread rapidly as the day progressed. People from nearby neighborhoods and villages also flocked to see the mosque at a glance. Nizam Uddin Mondol of Modhya Narail said, what a miracle of Allah! Not a single branch of the tree attached to the roof was broken. I went and saw. Allah knows the best what is hidden in it. Sujon, niece of Late Alim Uddin Doctor of Kismat Narail said, “I went to the northern field to get out of fishing. The water of the field is turning upside down and flying like a fireball. Later, I have been lying for a long time under the ile of land. Abul Hashem, the son of the late Shahar Uddin Munshi of the house next to the mosque, said, “After a little time, we are bringing the tins from the water in the western field.” All the tins have been twisted. “We are currently praying on the verandah of the mosque,” he added. The mosque needs to be renovated urgently. Haluaghat Upazila Chairman Mahmudul Haque Saem visited the spot. He comforted the worshipers and said, “Don’t worry.” The mosque will be renovated as soon as possible. Anwarul Islam Manik, a candidate for the post of chairman of Narail Union Parishad was with him at the time.

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