The people of 10 villages claim a bridge over the Nagdhara River


M A Mannan:
The demand for a bridge over the Nagdhara River, which descends from Meghalaya, India, is long overdue. Due to lack of a bridge over the Nagdhara river on the East Narail to Kawalijan road in Haluaghat upazila of Mymensingh, people from about 10 villages including Narail, Masail, Kumuria, Kawalijan, Gopinagar and Kalianikanda are underdeveloped. Small dinghy boats and banana rafts are now the only means of transportation for people on both sides of the river. In the monsoon season, the river takes a terrible shape. In the past few days, three shepherds named Hashem, Taher and Barek have died while crossing the Nagdhara river holding the tail of cows. Since then, the locals have demanded a bridge over the Nagdhara river. I went to the spot and talked to many people of those villages. Abdul Halim, a farmer, said, “We are having a hard time getting around because of the lack of a bridge.” Alhaj Abdul Latif Akku Munshi, a farmer from East Narail village, said, “For the lack of a bridge on this river, we cannot harvest our produce at home.” Even to market these we have to suffer a lot. Local Abdul Awal said, “We could not study on our own because there was no bridge over the river.” Our children are also becoming stupid now. Although more than two hundred families live on the north bank of the Nagdhara river, not a single school or madrasah has been established here since independence. Abul Kalam of Narail village said if a bridge is built here, there will be a development revolution in education, trade and agriculture with transport facilities for people in about ten villages. Note that this reporter’s house is also there. He submitted a DO letter signed by MP Jewel Areng of Haluaghat-Dhobaura constituency to the Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives on November 21, 2017 but no result has been received so far. Asked about this, Upazila Chairman Mahmudul Haque Sayem said, “My father, former MP Emdadul Haque Mukul, has also tried a bridge here.” I’m trying too. Hopefully soon we will get a bridge here. In this regard, Haluaghat Upazila Engineer Shantano Ghosh Sagar said, DO letter has been issued again. The bridge is likely to be up soon.

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